To Honor & Cherish on Memorial Day

Dear Brooklyn Legends Family,

We are honored to celebrate another Memorial Day with you. Many of our elected officials, community leaders, residents and advocates, have created special programs to mark this occasion.

Last year at this time, cemeteries around the country were closed to visitors due to Covid-19 restrictions. Today, one year later, we are now able to resume this time-honored tradition.

As we honor the women and men who are no longer with us, we at Brooklyn Legends also pause to remember those veterans who, after returning home, are struggling to re-enter society and achieve the life the envisioned for themselves and their families.

Years before the global pandemic hit, the transition for many veterans was filled with challenges, among them: insufficient housing, inadequate health care and limited employment opportunities.

As we emerge from the ravaging effects Covid-19, these challenges are even more palpable. I do not claim to have the answer to this problem, but I believe we must continue to look for ways to ensure our veterans feel loved, honored and cherished.

Homeless Veteran –

To the brave women and men who have given their lives to protect us, we honor you. To the brave women and men who have returned home, and are working to take your rightful place in society, we cherish you.