Welcome Spring!

Roses - photo
Spring is my favorite season for it signals a renewing of purpose and a rebirth.  I find myself thinking about the future with excitement.  My thoughts tend to manifest in the form of lists.  At this point, it would be accurate to say that my lists have lists.  For someone who needs help staying organized, this is a good thing.  As I start each day I think, now is a good time to begin the projects that I have been postponing for the future.  Well, the future is now and I could not be more excited.  Here is a list of some of the great things we, at Brooklyn Legends, plan to share with you.

  • We will continue to share the wonderful accomplishments of some phenomenal women who live in Brooklyn, or are natives of Brooklyn.
  • We will work to incorporate the important role philanthropy plays in our lives and share with you some very worthy organizations you may not know exist.
  • We will expand our reading room to include articles to from various magazines and newspapers.  It is our hope to inspire you and to bring about conversations around key issues.
  • We will also share with you updates on social and educational events.

As you can see, I have been thinking hard about this.  I appreciate the way that you have allowed me to share (and shape) this vision with you.

Many of my friends and colleagues are spending this time with their family and friends.  As such, we at Brooklyn Legends have decided to take a step back from our regular posts so that everyone can enjoy this special time.  We will resume our posts next week.

Passover has just begun and Easter is almost here.  As we celebrate these two important holidays, please allow me to wish you a wonderful season of rebirth!  I look forward to hearing your stories as we welcome spring.

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