My Thanksgiving Playlist #4 – “Thankful”

Dear Readers:

I hope your day was productive and lived up to your highest expectations. As you can see I am committed to completing my playlist in time for Thanksgiving. This evening I would like to share Celine Dion’s Thankful, which is such a treasure.

Have a great evening.



“Thankful” – My Thanksgiving Playlist #2

Dear Readers:

By this time, I know that everyone has been keeping a watchful eye on the events in Ferguson and the reaction from people throughout the country, and the world.

Watching Michael Brown’s family share their pain with the world is truly heart wrenching.  Watching the emotional response from people across America, and throughout the world, is equally painful.  Whenever I hear a news update, I say to myself what a tragic place we are in right now.  My prayers are with young Michael’s family, and every parent who has experienced a similar tragedy.

Despite our current state of events, deep down inside I still have hope.  I am not naive enough to believe the pain and anger will magically disappear, but I want to believe that one day we will come to a place of peace and understanding.  Even with the sadness, trauma and anger that is a being shown throughout the country, I am thankful that we will all have another opportunity to get it right.

For today’s post, I would like to share Celine Dion’s rendition of the song Thankful, which is another treasure on my Thanksgiving play list.