Activists, Entertainers & Role Models

Dear Readers,

Here is a glimpse of the Legendary Women from Brooklyn that we have highlighted on the Brooklyn Legends blog.

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Clarke, Congresswoman Yvette – “Of The People, By The People & For The People”

Copeland, Misty – Brunch with the Arts – “Ballerina’s Tale”

Daring, Letitia – Brooklyn’s Power Lunch

English, Dr. Josephine – Saluting Women’s History Month & Dr. Josephine English

James, Public Advocate Letitia – The People’s Champion and The Fight to Save Brooklyn’s LICH

James, Public Advocate Letitia – The People’s Champion – Public Advocate Letitia James

Jones, Susannah Mushatt – Elder Grace – Celebrating Brooklyn Centenarian Susannah Mushatt Jones

Price, Lisa – Who Am I & Who Do I Want to Become – Lisa Price

Wilson, Regina (New York City Firefighter) – Meet FDNY Firefighter Regina Wilson – ‘The Hero of My Own Story’