About Brooklyn Legends

Brooklyn Legends celebrates the achievements of Brooklyn women from the Africa diaspora and the communities they influence and so much more. We are also proud to salute the accomplishments of women throughout the world.

On this site you will find some of our Legends have received public fanfare or recognition; others have not.  However, all of these women, and their achievements, will have a lasting impact on present and future generations.

Who are those women?  Who are these Brooklyn Legends?  Who are these women outside of Brooklyn?

I see each woman as a woman of GRACE.

  • She is gracious with her time, her talents and her resources.
  • She moves through her world with elegance and ease.
  • She is also a refined woman; mindful of the impression she is making at all times.
  • She is an accomplished woman with a caring spirit that beckons others to take notice.
  • She has an unmistakable elegance that guides her through every encounter.

Why These Women?

  • Each woman has uniquely paved the way for women like myself and future generations.
  • Collectively this is the finest group of role models around.
  • We should know each woman by name.
  • Each woman is doing what she was born to do.

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