Brooklyn Legends Salutes Aretha Franklin & Her Amazing Friends

Dear Friends,

Brooklyn Legends joins the world in honoring the legacy of the Queen of Soul – Aretha Franklin and her amazing friends (and loved ones) who shared her journey.  As we know, success does not happen in a vacuum; we need all the encouragement and support we can get.

As I prepared this tribute, I decided to include individuals who helped shaped Aretha’s life and influenced her career.

I grew up listening to Queen Aretha’s music and sang every song off-key, just as my friends did.  I tried my best to move and sway to the rhythm just as she did but it was to no avail.  I was always amazed to see performers who could sing and play the piano at the same time – which for me is an outward confirmation of sheer genius. As an adult, I fancied myself a budding pianist but that didn’t last long.  I quickly decided that I appreciated the piano more than I longed to play the instrument.

In the coming days I will prepare a fuller tribute to our Grand Dame, but for now, I have prepared a tribute on Brooklyn Legends’ Pinterest page as a gesture of my admiration and respect.

Thank you Queen!



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