Strength for the Journey


Dear Friends,

With this note comes my very best wishes as we embrace Spring – a time of renewal and rebirth.

As many of my family members, friends and colleagues recently reminded me, we will go through seasons when our days are filled with lighted hearted moments, as well as times when our days are so trying, the pain will shake us at our core.

During the joyous times I can come up with 1000 ways to celebrate all the good things I feel that I deserve; however it is during the challenging times I must work harder, and stand taller, as I look for just 1 strategy to help me weather the unknown.  Instinctively, I connect with my circle of wise women and sister-friends who will embrace me, and hold my hand until I am ready to face the world again.  Please do not be misled, healing does not take place in a vacuum.

So, I dedicate today’s post to every mother, grandmother, guardian, adopted mom, sister-friend, and countless caregivers who give us strength for our journey.  You are appreciated more than you will ever know.

To the world, you may not be a household name, but for me, your quiet achievements are legendary.  If you happen to live in Brooklyn (or are formerly from Brooklyn) you are a Brooklyn Legend.  And for me, you are royalty.






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