Happy Thanksgiving

Dear Readers,

Thank you for being part of the Brooklyn Legends community.  I am humbled that you chose to spend your time following the work that we do.  As I always tell my friends and family, Brooklyn Legends is a work in progress.  I appreciate your encouragement and support.

As we prepare for Thanksgiving, I want to wish you, and your family, a joyous and peaceful holiday.  While every day is unique, Thanksgiving Day always feels extra special.  Cherish those in your circle and always hold them close.

Last Thursday, I joined my Brooklyn Metropolis Lions Club family for our annual Thanksgiving service project.  For the past two years, Brooklyn Metropolis has collaborated with Hope City Empowerment Center to provide a full Thanksgiving dinner for more than 300 men and women who live in Crown Heights.  We also partner with Hope City Empowerment Center for our annual coat drive in February.  While we could never meet all their needs, we are so grateful for the opportunity to serve.

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Additionally, we support a monthly feeding program sponsored by the Women’s Ministry of God’s Battalion of Prayer Church. Every fourth Saturday, more than 125 men and women are served by a distinguished team of volunteers of all ages.  The presentation is flawless.  It reminds me of dinner in a full-service restaurant where no detail is overlooked.  The men and women are always so grateful.  I mention the work of God’s Battalion for they provide a much-needed haven for those who need it most.  It is my pleasure to salute the work of both of these organizations.

Happy Thanksgiving!  May your day be filled with peace and joy!



Photo Credits
Keith Dawson, Dawson Promotions – dawsonpromotions.com
Brooklyn Metropolis Lions Club – Lion Laura Hernandez

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