Congratulations to Letitia James, NYC Public Advocate Elect

Dear Readers,

LJ PAThe past 72 hours have been filled with excitement for New York City residents, particularly those who live in Brooklyn.  Many of us did not sleep until we knew for certain that Letitia James would become the next New York City Public Advocate.  She is the first African-American woman to ever hold this position!

Everyone who lives in Brooklyn knows that Letitia James is a force to be reckoned with.  All I can say is look out New York City, better days are ahead!  As a reminder to us all, here are a few of the many accomplishments she has brokered for us.

Letitia JamesAs Counsel and Chief of Staff to state assembly members, she worked on a law that gave grandparents rights in family court.  Given that many of our children are being raised by their grandparents, this is important and appropriate.

During her law career, she served as a public defender for the Legal Aid Society and represented countless young people in the criminal justice system.  We all know that many of our young people have been incarcerated for minor offenses.  Having a representative who will go the distance for them has, for many, been a turning point in their lives.

In the administration of former NYS Attorney General Elliot Spitzer, she was appointed the first Assistant Attorney General in Charge of the Brooklyn Regional Office.  In that role, she resolved hundreds of consumer complaints and investigated predatory lenders who prey on first-time home-buyers.  I know that many of us are familiar with this scheme and probably know people who came close to losing everything as a result of these practices.

She also assisted the Civil Rights Bureau in their investigation of the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy.  This is truly one of the City’s problem areas that must be addressed.  I can image that with Letitia in this role, and with Mayor-Elect Bill de Blasio leading the way, this conversation is just getting started.

NLN_Letitia_JamesAs a Council Member, she was a strong social justice advocate.  She sponsored a law that addressed the Department of Corrections reporting to the Council violent incidents involving adolescents.

Public Advocate Elect Letitia James was born in Brooklyn, and has remained a Brooklyn resident throughout her life.  She is a young woman who, for me, has given new meaning to the term “of the people, by the people, for the people.”  The people have spoken and I like what they have said.

Please join Brooklyn Legends in saluting our new Public Advocate Elect Letitia James.

Banner – Letitia James for Public Advocate 2013
Second photo – Letitia James for Public Advocate 2013
Last photo – Letitia James Wikipedia
Additional information – Letitia James for Public Advocate 2013

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