Recommend a Brooklyn Legend

imageSince I started Brooklyn Legends, I have received amazing feedback, and support, from everyone who follows our posts.  Please know that I hold you, and your comments, in high regard.  I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate the careful manner in which you have shared your thoughts with me.  Thank you!

Many of our readers have asked, how do I get involved?  What does it take to be featured on Brooklyn Legends?  The answer is really simple, just tell me.  I want this to be an interactive journey that we take together.  I welcome your recommendations and I look forward to receiving them.

I have spent much of last week reviewing the fabulous women that are featured on the Brooklyn Legends site.  I am also excited about the incredible women we will feature in the coming weeks and months.  We are excited about our progress, and we eagerly anticipate future posts.  We thought you might enjoy taking a look at these remarkable Brooklyn Legends.  Please remember to view our site to learn more about each one.

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I look forward to receiving your recommendations.  Please reach out to me at

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