Remembering the Victims, and Survivors, in Boston

photo RosesYesterday our sisters and brothers in Boston suffered unspeakable pain at the hands of another person.  What began as a beautiful day, where people from all over the world came to enjoy the annual Boston Marathon, ended in pain, confusion and despair.  I am heartened to see so many posts, calling for prayers and support for the people of this great city.  I also saw some responses that surprised me.  Some bloggers asked “what good will prayers do now?”  “Why are we always praying for something that has taken a bad turn?”

For me the answer is simple – what affects one of us, affects all of us.  The world is really closer than we think.  While I am safe in Brooklyn, NY, I, like many of you, have friends and family who live in Boston and the surrounding area.  Because at times like these all we have is each other, and it is the well-wishes and support of our fellow sisters and brothers that will help us all make it through tragedies such as this.

photo BostonMany of us will provide hands-on assistance to the people in Boston, further proof that we are all connected.  This morning I whispered a prayer for those who perished, and for those who  survived.  As we know, the survivors will live with haunting memories of the pain and agony of yesterday’s tragedy for years to come.

Many of the children who participated in yesterday’s race were running in honor of the children who were murdered in CT last year at Christmas time.  And now, sadly, some of them are no longer with us.

We at Brooklyn Legends are sending our best wishes, and prayers, for the victims and survivors of this tragedy.

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